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SACTWU, UCT and CPUT have teamed up to produce the next AwearSA Fashion Show, part of the Wear SA Movement. AwearSA first started at UWC, opened up a platform for discussions around South African made clothing, creating a generation of Awear students. The UCT #SAKotini show carries on the conversation, with more campuses expected to join the movement in the months and years to come.

#SAKotini as UCT students join the Wear SA movement

More than just a fashion show, the Awear SA campaign is cutting a dash on campus with entrepreneurial élan

Cape Town, 13 September 2018 ­ – Following closely on the incredible success of the UWC-student-produced Awear SA fashion show – #RootedInFashion – students from the University of Cape Town (UCT), will show South Africa what it is to be part of #SAKotini on 22nd September 2018, when they take to the stage with their own version of Awear SA.

As part of the Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers Union’s (SACTWU) campaign to bring South African made fashion to the youth, the Wear SA Movement has been conducting pilot workshops aimed at unlocking entrepreneurial nous in tomorrow’s purchasing generation.  Through the producing of a fashion show – from start to finish – the students learn all about self-belief, pulling together as a team and the skills to overcome whatever obstacles are thrown at them.  The practical lessons will prove invaluable on their life’s journey.  Comments received from the UWC students attest to the whole experience being positively life-changing and the UCT and CPUT cohort expect nothing less, (CPUT is collaborating with UCT on this event).

Working under the mentorship of industry professionals, the UCT and CPUT students have already cast their models – all from campus – and have sourced a selection of student designers who will take to the stage alongside some of the established Wear SA brands such as Magents and Democracy of Denim.  The marketing and ticket sales are also down to the students who have come up with innovative campaigns to spread the word.  These include activations on campus, the first of which took place stylishly on 6th September and was witnessed by hundreds of students’ and; sending out the #SAKotini Fashion Squad to do spot checks on what labels students are wearing and more.

The #SAKotini moniker created by the students, speaks to their desire to support the local clothing and textile industry.  Based on a popular tune, they hope to spread a message across the campus (and beyond), that the fruit of labour needs to be retained in the local economy.

To understand the importance of what they are doing, a contingent recently went along to the TCI Apparel factory in Epping (one of the sponsors of the programme), to get a first-hand look into what goes on behind the scenes.  The multitude of steps it takes to bring a single item of clothing to life before it hangs in the closet at home, is nothing less than staggering and the visit was a reality check for all those involved, who will think twice before simply grabbing the first fashion item that catches their eye – it now needs to be a local label first.

In fact, there is much to be proud of.  Did you know that the South African fashion industry has broken ground globally with the innovative methods it uses to refashion its future and create a sustainable industry based on decent work?  The approach has used modern methods, focused tactics, multiple alliances, social partnerships and strong worker involvement to reshape and improve an industry that has been in turmoil.

So, how to tell if it is a local label? Simply check inside to see where it was made.  It’s that easy and it’s definitely something we should all be doing as a matter of habit, because knowing where your clothes are made means that you become ‘Awear’.    Fortunately, there are a number of local retailers who are themselves ‘Awear’ and who stock locally produced items, so there is a wide variety from which to choose these days.  To discover more of what South Africa has to offer, there is also the upcoming Awear SA #SAKotini Fashion Show, something definitely not to be missed.

Echoing the spirit of collaboration, Edwina Brooks, Director of Student development at UCT, is also excited about the University’s involvement in the campaign saying: “Participation in the Fashion Show achieves multiple goals. Firstly, it supports a multi-stakeholder collaboration. Secondly, it promotes student agency, entrepreneurship and skill development. Thirdly, the cause is to raise funds for the SRC Assistance Fund that provides funding for students who have outstanding fees. Fourthly, it is an occasion to experience fun, fashion and feel part of the UCT community.”

The Awear SA #SAKotini Fashion show will take place at Memorial Hall, UCT Upper Campus on Saturday 22nd September 2018.  Tickets are R50 each and all the monies raised will go to the UCT Student Bursary Fund to help on-campus students who need a boost.  Tickets are available from: Level 5 Student Treasury, Steve Biko Building, UCT.

For interviews with any of the students involved, Edwina Brooks from UCT, or the designers, and organisers, please contact: Kaz@networxpr.co.za

Young and student designers who will send their collections down the ramp include:

  • CPUT
  • Afrocentrix
  • FAVE
  • Her Majesty
  • Estelle k
  • Ellin
  • Minestiched
  • Manjeur de Coton
  • Hoop
  • Adorning Africa
  • Zabantu
  • RAM


  • Zireh
  • Alice Delo Inga from CPUT

Established designers:

  • DOD
  • Magents
  • X94
  • Blue collar white collar
  • The modern Boesman by Marquin Sampson
  • Zenath Clothing by




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